Professional Wet-Cleaning

It is not the simple wet-cleaning your clothes method, but a technological machine which only skilled people can use. Our machine is designed for various types of clothes and materials. Each cleaning process is different depending on the material. It is only so because we want to return your belongings back to you the way you first purchased it. The first step is we put in your clothes into the machine. Then, we enter the type of material your clothes are made of so the machine will differentiate to give you that special cleaning. For example, instead of having the machine fill up with water in anyway it wants, because a certain garment may be cotton, the machine will pour water from the top to bottom like a waterfall. Then the right amount of soap will be automatically added as well. Little details like that go unnoticed by customers because they believe they can trust their dry cleaners. Our job is to benefit our customers, their clothes, and the environment so we’d always like you to be informed.

serviceimg - Professional Wet Cleaning Servces
- Shirts Laundry
- Expert Alteration
- Leather & Suede Cleaning
- Rugs & Carpets
- Wedding Gowns Cleaned & Preserved
- Bed Sheet & Pillow Case Cleaning
- Draperies, Tablecloths & Napkins
- Comforters & Blankets

The reason to choosea wet-cleaning system over dry-cleaning is obvious.
It’s safer, for you, for me, for our children and the environment.
Dry cleaning chemical is a toxic substance.
It is dangerous to humanand animal health and it harms the very environment we depend upon.

Premium Free Pick Up & Delivery Service

Just give us a call 504-469-2002 or click Sign Up and make your life a little easier. We’ll pick-up and drop off your garments at same location.

• NO Membership Fee / NO Pick-up & Delivery Fee / NO Tips & Gratuities.
• Leave your bag out by 8:00am on your schedule days. Your driver will come by between 8:00am and 5:00pm.
• If you have a special request or issue with your garment. Please leave a detailed note in your bag or EMAIL US.
• We will bill your credit card at delivery day
• NO Coupons or other discounts apply to Pick-up & Delivery Service